Who We Help



Children grow and learn cognitive, social and emotional skills from our therapy programmes that often include play. In fact play therapy is a key component of intervention programmes for children at Psynaptica. The children we work with enjoy a wide variety of carefully chosen and presented play materials and toys.

We conduct psychological assessments for children to rule out disorders such as ADHD, learning difficulties, neuro-developmental disorders such as Autism and evaluate behavioural problems. Our assessment process is efficient but thorough and we take the time to get to know the child well and ensure that the child is comfortable throughout.

We follow-up on our assessments with individualized intervention and treatment programmes for children who are diagnosed with conditions such as ADHD, learning difficulties, anger and anxiety.

We work closely with parents and teachers to help with management of children’s behaviours at home and school and ensure a healthy environment for the children. Our supportive counseling sessions with parents help foster healthy parent-child relationships and reduce the stress of parenting. Parents also benefit from adaptive strategies to achieve a healthier work-life balance making parenting more enjoyable.

Some of the common issues we help with are