Who We Help



Psychological difficulties are not unique, strange or limited to a few unfortunate persons. With all the complexities of life, we are overwhelmed from time to time by self-doubt, worry, sadness or unhealthy behavioural habits.

We provide psychotherapy using an integrative approach for adults suffering from various conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, personality disorders and also chronic psychological conditions such as bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. We work with LGBTQ clients and take a sensitive and evidence-based approach to gender related matters such as coming out.

We follow the same meticulous and thorough approach to psychological assessment for adults to diagnose psychological disorders, assess mental health and psychological functioning and profile mental abilities and characteristics. We provide psychological assessments for adult ADHD, depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, addictions, marital problems and for special purposes such as prospective adoption and custody. We conduct assessments for medico-legal and forensic purposes and have considerable experience in writing reports and providing professional testimony in courts.