"At Psynaptica, we offer a wide range of Psychological Assessments / Psychological Testing for children and adults."


At Psynaptica, we conduct psychological assessments using standardised psychological tests to diagnose or rule out disorders such as ADHD or depression, evaluate abilities such as intelligence, assess neuro-psychological functioning and describe personality traits in which results will ultimately be used.

We are distinguished by the interpretive skill of our Clinical Psychologist and our strict adherence to ethical practice standards. We provide psychological assessment reports for medico-legal and forensic purposes and professional testimony for courts.

Our reports are unique in the depth and quality of interpretations and the clarity of communication.

ADHD Assessment

Our ADHD assessment not only involves testing of attention, but also includes a comprehensive battery that also looks into areas such as achievement / capabilities, IQ  and behavioral problems.

Intellectual Abilities

At Psynaptica, we provide comprehensive testing of Intellectual Performance. In addition to IQ score, we measure the child’s ability to synthesise information, quantitative reasoning & induction and working memory.

Learning Disabilities

We provide testing for Learning disabilities such as Dyslexia & ADHD. These difficulties can affect one’s ability in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing or impair specific areas such as mathematics or a particular language. 

Legal Assessments

We provide Legal assessments or Medico-legal assessments when a psychological assessment report is used as an evidence in court. If required, our Clinical Psychologist will be present in the court as an expert witness to explain her findings to the decision makers.

Neuro-Psychological Assessments

Neuropsychological Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of cognitive processes. They are performed to assess cognitive functioning & to examine the consequence of brain damage, disease or severe mental illness.

Personality Assessments

Our Personality tests assess an individuals personality characteristics. These are used in a range of context such as employment testing, career counselling, coaching, individual and relationship counselling.

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