Our Psychologists in Singapore take pride in helping clients from over 30 different nationalities achieve positive mental health outcomes.

Shrimathi Swaminathan MAPS, MSPS
Clinical Psychologist

B.A. (Psychology)
M.A. M.Phil. (Clinical Psychology)
Member, Singapore Psychological Society
Member, Australian Psychological Society

Shri is a Clinical Psychologist with over 22 years of experience working in various clinical settings. Shri works with children, teens, adults & couples integrating psychotherapy approaches to help resolve a range of mental health issues. She has a special interest and expertise in helping patients with ADHD, Eating Disorders, behavioral disorders in children, Borderline and other personality disorders. She routinely conducts a wide range of psychological assessments including Legal, Neuropsychological & forensic assessments. 

After several years of experience working in different settings, Shri established Psynaptica in 2008 that serves a diverse client population with different backgrounds and needs. Over the past twelve years, she has helped clients from over 30 different nationalities from around the world reach positive mental health outcomes. At Psynaptica, Shri leads an experienced team of Psychologists with a mission that our psychological services are current, scientific and evidence based, yet simple and practical. She  emphasises a strict code of ethics with a priority on safeguarding the client interests. 
Shri has been working as a Clinical Psychologist in Singapore since 2002. She is currently also the clinical director for Body with Soul, which is an integrated healthcare network providing a broad range of healthcare services including Psychology, Osteopathy, Dietetic & Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. 
Shri has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy degrees in Clinical Psychology. She is a member of the Singapore Psychological Society, Australian Psychological Society and the Society for Psychotherapy Integration.

Dr Shobna G Sashi
Clinical Psychologist

B.Sc (Psychology), M.Sc (Forensic Psychology), DClinPsych (Clinical Psychology)

Dr Shobna is a Clinical Psychologist with several years of clinical experience treating a wide range of mental health conditions in various settings in Singapore and Malaysia. She works with Children, Teens, Adults, couples and families, helping them reach positive mental health outcomes.

She integrates different approaches to help her clients overcome mental challenges such as depression, anxiety,

In addition to providing therapy, she conducts psychological assessments to diagnose conditions such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning disorders and to profile personality, mental health and functioning.

Dr Shobna has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Southampton and a Master’s in Forensic Psychology from Middlesex University, UK.

Eesha Shah
Sports and Performance Psychologist

B.Soc.Sci (Hons) (Psychology), M.Sc (Sports & Exercise Psychology)

Eesha is a sports and performance psychologist with several years of experience supporting elite athletes and clients to achieve their aspirations. She has developed and delivered psychological programs to individuals, teams, and para-sport athletes from regional to world championship events. She has worked with Singapore’s national athletes. She has been responsible for the mental health aspects of the Team Singapore contingent at the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic games.

In addition to working with athletes, Eesha also supports clients in various achievement contexts such as corporate settings and performing arts. She journeys with them to fulfil their personal goals and improve their productivity, performance, and well-being. She integrates evidence-based scientific approaches, current research, and best practices in her work. Acceptance Commitment Therapy often guides her counselling process.

Eesha has a Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Loughborough University, the top-ranked university globally for sport-related studies. She is an active researcher and an author in international scientific journals.

Eileen Ng
Clinical Psychologist

B.A (Communication & Psychology), M.A (Psychology), M.A (Clinical Psychology)

Eileen is a Clinical Psychologist trained in the United States. Eileen has a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College, IL, USA and a Master’s degree in Psychology from James Cook University in Australia. Currently, Eileen is a doctoral student in the United States and will be graduating with a Doctoral of Clinical Psychology in May 2022.

Eileen has been working as a Clinical Psychologist helping patients in various settings in Singapore and the United States since 2017. She enjoys with clients from young children to older adults from the diverse cultural background. She adopts a solution-focused orientation in depression, anxiety, work stress and behavioural issues. She routinely embraces a variety of treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Play Therapy, and Acceptance-Commitment Therapy (ACT) to tailor to therapy needs.

Eileen is a strong advocate for providing good mental health services informed by evidence-based practice and research. She operates from a person-centred philosophy and believes that people are resourceful and motivated to reach their desired realities. Eileen provides online Psychotherapy sessions to clients.

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