shrimathi swaminathan

Clinical Psychologist & Director

B.A. (Psychology)

M.A. M.Phil. (Clinical Psychology)

Member, Singapore Psychological Society

Member, Australian Psychological Society

Shri is a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of experience in various clinical settings. Shri works with children, teens, adults & couples, integrating psychotherapy approaches to help resolve a range of mental health issues. She has a special interest and expertise in ADHD, Eating Disorders, behavioral disorders in children, Borderline and other personality disorders, and Neuropsychological & forensic psychological assessments. 

After several years of experience working in different settings, she established Psynaptica in 2008 that serves a diverse client population with different backgrounds and needs. Over the years, she has helped clients from over 30 different nationalities from around the world reach positive mental health outcomes. At Psynaptica, Shri leads an experienced team of Psychologists with a mission that our psychological services are current, scientific and evidence based, yet simple and practical. She does this by emphasising a strict code of ethics with a priority on safeguarding the client interests. 
Shri is currently also the clinical director for Body with Soul, which is an integrated healthcare network providing a full range of healthcare services including Psychology, Osteopathy, Dietetic & Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. 
Shri has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy degrees in Clinical Psychology. She is a member of the Singapore Psychological Society, Australian Psychological Society and the Society for Psychotherapy Integration.

sasha moor

Clinical Psychologist

B.Sc (Hons)

MPsych (Clinical Psychology)

Member, Australian Psychological Society

Sasha is a Clinical Psychologist and has worked with numerous children, adolescents, adults and families to achieve positive mental health outcomes, in schools, community clinics, hospitals and private practice.

Sasha mainly conducts psychometric assessments for clients ranging from preschool-age right through to adulthood, to determine cognitive ability, learning difficulties, autism spectrum behaviours and attention and hyperactivity issues. Sasha is passionate about helping clients reach their full potential in their school/work, home and social environment and through the use of these assessments she can devise ways to address client’s concerns to maximise their functioning in day-to-day living. Sasha obtained her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Sydney, Australia in the year 2000 after completing her Bachelor of Science (honours) degree from the University of Queensland in the year 1996. After working for a number of years in Sydney she moved with her husband to Singapore in 2004.

Sonia khiatani

Clinical Psychologist

MPsych (Clinical Psychology)

M. A. Hons (Management and Psychology)

Clinical Registrar, Psychology Board of Australia

Member, Australian Psychological Society

Sonia is a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in working with young people and adults with anxiety, depression, mood disorders and personality disorders. Her therapeutic approach includes using a variety of approaches such as CBT, ACT and DBT depending on the psychological condition and treatment objective.

Sonia has a lot of experience working with teenagers and adults in Australia before moving to Singapore in March 2019.

She is of a mixed heritage, raised largely in Singapore attending local schools. She completed her Masters degree in Arts in Scotland before moving to Australia to complete her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology.

Sonia is bilingual and can effectively communicate both in English and German.

deepika mulchandani

Registered Counsellor & Family Therapist

Master of Social Science (Professional Counselling)

Graduate Certificate in Family and Systemic Therapy

Registered member of Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC)

Deepika Mulchandani is a registered counsellor and psychotherapist who has worked extensively with families, couples and parents. She has earned her Master Degree in Professional Counselling from Swinburne University with specialisations in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Having actively worked with families, Deepika went on to pursue her certification in Family & Systemic Therapy.

She helps individuals and families experiencing relationship difficulties, emotional challenges, prolonged stress, depression and anxiety to improve mental health and regain a sense of well-being. She also helps families cope with a range of emotional and behavioural difficulties observed in children and adolescents. She has been involved with community counselling services, social-emotional intervention programs in schools and family counselling in a residential treatment centre in Singapore.

Deepika has lived in several countries including Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia before moving to Singapore. This background has given her a wealth of experience in connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and a deep understanding of cross-cultural adjustments.

Being bilingual, Deepika can communicate effectively in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Deepika is a registered member of Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) and is an Associate member of Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT).

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