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Marital Conflicts & Relationship Issues

Long term intimate relationships such as marriage require much work. After the initial attraction and romantic feelings of being in love wane, living together brings up practical issues to be resolved due to individual differences.

No two persons are exactly alike, just as similarities were striking enough to bring about an attraction, differences in communication, personal habits, dealing with finances and so starts to emerge as the relationship ages.

As expressed emotionality becomes more intense, some experience serious problems such as violence and extra-marital affairs.  This not only threaten the wellbeing of partners but also everyone in the family. Couples and the entire family might be in urgent need of external help to stabilise and help them feel safe.

The strength of a relationship lies not in having no conflicts but in successfully resolving conflicts and learning to adapt in a healthy way. Partners grow instead of feeling trapped in a healthy relationship. Good communication, anger management skills and emotional maturity can help to prevent these differences from escalating into a wedge between partners.

Psychologist can help you through this process through couples therapy, also referred to as marriage counselling. You may benefit from seeking help.

Some common signs that the relationship could benefit from Couples Therapy or marriage counselling,

  • When the partners barely talking or connecting with one another
  • have excessive arguments
  • sex life has reduced dramatically or has come to a stop
  • lead separate lives, even though living under one roof
  • is contemplating or having an extramarital affair
  • lack intimacy, affection and trust
  • avoid talking about issues or talking about the issues ends up becoming a serious argument
  • When one partner feels excessively controlled or not respected by the other

Couples Therapy at Psynaptica

Couples Therapy aims at partners developing a deeper understanding of each other while appreciation of the strengths and vulnerabilities of the relationship.

At Psynaptica, 0ur psychologist work with both with individual partners and the couple together to facilitate this. We focus on key areas such as communication, control and power to help the partners develop strategies to resolve the conflicts and strengthen the relationship.

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