"Mental wellness is a significant component of performing at any level, and taking it seriously matters."

Sports & performance psychology

Sports Psychologists play a vital role not to help athletes improve performance, but also to support their mental well being.

Being a competitive or an elite athlete is not just fun and fame. It takes tremendous motivation, drive, and rigour to reach the start line. However, the journey to the finish line is not just about giving the best; it’s more complex than that. On a level playing field, it’s more often a mental game, and cognitive agility plays a differentiating role in outperforming the competition.

Athletes face increasing pressure both on and off-court while climbing the competitive ladder. Striving in competitive sports takes a significant amount of It takes substantial mental resilience and discipline. They train and practice rigorously to become physically stronger and skilful, guided by the coaches. Still, frequently, mental skill-building takes a back seat.

In addition, many instances of unforgiving or even toxic environments faced by competitive athletes are coming to light in recent years. These can affect the athlete’s performance and disturb their mental health functioning. Therefore, the role of a sports psychologist is becoming more and more vital in today’s competitive environment.

At Psynaptica, our Sports & performance psychologists have extensive experience working with amateur, professional, and elite athletes to achieve their aspirations. They not only help them improve performance but also lead a normal, fulfilling life. Some of the common areas our Sports and Performance Psychologist work are

  • Improving performance by helping athletes build skills and habits to
    • Improve Confidence & Self Belief
    • Overcome performance anxiety, choking and fear of failure
    • Build resilience to learn and get past the failures
    • Deal with pressure and become comfortable with the uncomfortable
    • Think with a positive mindset
    • Identify and overcome perfectionism in areas where it is detrimental to performance
  • Helping athletes achieve positive mental health outcomes and lead a normal, fulfilling life by building skills to
    • Overcome Anxiety and filter negative thoughts
    • Evaluate and cultivate intrinsic motivation
    • Deal with bullying or aggressive and unforgiving environment
    • Deal with burnout or cope with injuries
    • Build positive relationships
    • Set realistic goals and strategies to achieve them and enjoy the journey
Sports Psychologist Psynaptica

Dr Jay-Lee (Longbottom) Nair

Sports & Exercise Psychologist

Dr Jay-Lee is a renowned sports psychologist in Asia. She routinely supports athletes, students, and corporate champions in various highly competitive domains, including tour players on the Asian Tour & Athletes preparing for Olympics & Fighter Jet Pilots

Eesha Shah

Sports & Performance Psychologist

Eesha develops & delivers psychological programs to athletes & teams from regional to world championship events. She has been responsible for the mental health aspects of the Team Singapore contingent at the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic games.

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