At Psynaptica we provide couples therapy and family therapy. Our practitioners work with both heterosexual and same sex couples.

Couples therapy

Our services for couples (both heterosexual and same-sex) include psychological assessments to describe aspects of relationship such as communication, relationship needs, interpersonal behaviours and parenting style. Psychotherapy for couples involves working through relationship issues such as extra-marital affairs, conflict and communication issues. 

We also provide psychotherapy and counselling support for partners intending to divorce to ensure amicable and healthy resolution of conflicts and continued support for children.

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family therapy

We provide therapy for families undergoing crises such as death, illness or disability of a member or divorce. Families embroiled in conflict, anger and hurt issues also benefit from undergoing therapy together, learning new communication and conflict resolution skills and growing as an interconnected system. Therapy for families tends to be short-term and solutions-focused.

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