Who We Are

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Our Clients

At Psynaptica we take pride serving a diverse client population from over 25 different nationalities. We have extensive experience helping numerous local and expatriate clients, families and children for mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, issues relating to relationship, parenting, relocation and adjustments. Understanding and appreciating our client’s cultural and ethnic background is critical to building an effective therapeutic alliance and utilize the most effective treatment strategies fostering positive outcomes.

Singapore is a beautiful multiethnic society with a truly international feel to it. For many of us, living away from home means that we have to manage the stress of an unfamiliar cultural, socio-political and work environment without the usual resources of family and friends back home. It takes conscious hard work and effort to make new social connections and continue favorite hobbies and leisure activities or develop new interests and thrive in a new environment.

Expat individuals could struggle with issues such as depression and anxiety. The lifestyle abroad with travel and work demands along with the lack of support from family and friends also places an enormous strain on marriages and relationships. Even common life challenges experienced in the context of living in a foreign country can be significantly distressing and leave one feeling lost and confused. A couple might move to Singapore and have their first baby here and struggle through the first year of parenting without the extended family. A partner might enter middle age and question why he has been in the same job for 20 years or a parent might miss grown-up children who have left home to study abroad. There might be teenaged children in the family who miss their best friends deeply and are struggling to make new friends.

Working with a psychologist can be an effective way to resolve stresses and overcome challenges. However, it can equally be a dynamic and positive path to personal growth and development. For instance, verbalizing and articulating life experiences in the present allows you to process the meaning they hold for you and create a vision for a wonderful future. Psychotherapy is not always about problems and treatments but also about enhancing the unique strengths and talents that propelled you outside of your comfort zone!

At Psynaptica, we offer confidential, safe and ethical psychological services to our clients. Our approaches to psychological treatment are current, scientific and evidence-based. We use a scientific, integrated model based on neuroscience and tailored to client needs, drawing on the strengths of different approaches such as cognitive-behaviour therapy, attachment theory, positive psychology and EMDR.