Who We Are

About Us

Psynaptica is founded on a commitment to ethical practice and service excellence. We offer confidential, safe and ethical psychological services to our clients. Our approaches to psychological treatment are current, scientific and evidence based.

We provide psychotherapy and psychological assessment services to adults, children, teens, couples and families to evaluate mental health and personality and treat a variety of issues  ranging from depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD, personality disorders, and issues relating to relationship and parenting.

At Psynaptica, we strive to create a psychological space where therapeutic alliances are forged, harnessing the power of the brain and mind to foster mental well being for the client.  Since inception in 2008, we have worked with numerous individuals and families and partnered with organizations to achieve positive mental health outcomes.

Our Clinical Psychologists are extensively trained to apply knowledge and science of behavior and interpersonal relationships to facilitate personal development, build skills, resolve issues related to everyday life and treat mental health problems.

We are located in Rochester Park, a serene and quiet location easily accessible by car/public transport. It is within walking distance from Buona Vista MRT.

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